Things You Should Understand About Cellulite

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Cellulite isn’t exactly an evolutionary improvement nor is it a dangerous cancer that can kill you in weeks. It just is. Now there are a lot of factors surrounding the very creation of cellulite, while many these causes may be, there had been very little possibilities for treatment.

Cellulite, for the most part, is a cosmetic condition. It doesn’t cause your eyeballs to fall out or to inflame any part of your body, but it does cause select regions of your skin to turn into a sort of cottage cheese texture. Depending on the severity, it can look quite ignorable to being hideously obvious. The irony doesn’t stop there: while men can get cellulite, most women will experience it at some point in their life.

So what should you know about cellulite? Here are a couple of facts to get you started:

1. Cellulite is fat, but not just fat.

Some people will tell you that cellulite is basically fat, and like fat it can easily be eliminated with exercise and proper dieting. That is false. Cellulite is not due to the fact that you are getting fat; it is simply due to poor circulation of fat in your body.

Cellulite occurs when your body tries to circulate or otherwise eliminate fat from your system through its system of veins. If the fat is damaged and circulation is poor, it gets redirected elsewhere, in this case, your dermis. This is why it can appear as a spread of cottage cheese on your skin.

2. Exercise and dieting does very little.

Surprise, surprise: did that surprise you? This point is made valid by the previous fact. Cellulite is misdirected fat, not deep fat. Even thin or athletic people have cellulite, so the issue is not about exercising and dieting properly. Much as exercise helps in straightening out your cardiovascular health, it won’t affect your cellulite, even if it does, it is at an unnoticeable pace.

Also, being overweight has nothing to do with the fact that you have cellulite. Obesity has little factors in determining whether or not you’ll have cellulite. Genetics play a larger role in its appearance as well as the hormones rather than the last burger you ate at a fast-food store.

3. Cellulite maybe a product of modern society.

Don’t get me wrong here, technology has certainly brought a lot of things on our table; especially that in the realm of medicine and various means that make our lives easier. But cellulite is a fairly new condition that has only appeared during the industrial era.

This might be because our culture has made jobs significantly less arduous in terms of labor and more intensive in terms of mental stress. While not exactly evolutionary in the least, cellulite is most certainly a recent condition.