Major Causes of the Condition Called as Rosacea

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Everybody may not know rosacea by its name but for sure, everyone has seen it before. This is the skin condition where the skin on the face turns red. It not really to be feared of but it is enough to cause you to stop and think for a while. What you will have to think about is how to mitigate it rather than leave it be and to give it a chance to aggravate.

Although rosacea is not that harmful when it is on its early stage, it is still a must to adopt all measures for it not to get worse. Nobody wants the severe effects of this skin condition. Aside from discoloration of the face, there will be also alterations in the texture of the surface which naturally will not be pleasing to look at. However, in order for a person to know the means not to aggravate the situation, he must first understand the causes of this problem.

Exposure to the Sun

Whether we like it or not, the sun is one major cause of most skin problems. In fact, statistics from studies have shown that among all possible causes of rosacea, it is sun exposure that will mark the highest. The extreme temperature that can be received by the face from the sun will caused flushing. This is especially true these days that the world is said to be on global warming.

Exposure to the sun does not only constitute high temperature. It also involves sunburn, and the collection of harmful UV rays. With this number cause of rosacea, people can know how to fight it. In fact, fighting it will be easy. All it takes is to get away from too much sun exposure as much as possible. You can do this by putting on good sunscreen as prescribed by a dermatologist. Staying indoors or wearing protective apparels like big hats or wide visors can also help.

Anxiety and Stress

Stress is not only a cause of white hairs as many claims it to be but it is also a cause of many other health and beauty issues. Even rosacea can be caused by stress and anxiety. There is really no known explanation as to how anxiety and stress can cause rosacea but statistics from studies have shown that it comes next after exposure to the sun. The nearest explanation that can be given is the poor blood flow in the area where these red marks affect.

Foods and Beverages

Of course, there are many other factors that can cause rosacea. For example, food and drinks can play a big role to the discoloration of the skin on the face. To be specific, alcohol and drinks containing coffee, and foods which are hot and spicy can give the rosacea effect. Even from logic and experience, one can imagine how it rosacea can be brought about by these foods and drinks.

Now that you know some of the factors that cause rosacea, you can then probably derive the remedies from it. It is important that you know where the root is to cut the problem above. Be sure to read reviews before you buy any rosacea treatment.