Steps in Treating Rosacea Condition

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Rosacea is a condition which affects the skin on the face. It comes in the form of inflamed reddish bumps and flushes on the face, especially on the chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Such skin condition is caused by the dilation of some clusters of facial capillaries located just beneath the surface of the skin. Because it affects one’s looks, many people want to get rid of Rosacea. Thankfully, there are easy home remedies and ways of effectively treating Rosacea skin condition. Here are some of the tips you can try:

1.       Practice proper facial hygiene. You can do this by regularly cleaning the skin on the face. You should use mild cleansers in cleaning your face. And do it as gently as possible to avoid irritation. You should also avoid grainy cleaners, as such type of cleansers can irritate the skin.

2.       Always put on sunscreens whenever you expose yourself into the sun. This is important because the UV rays of the sun can worsen your Rosacea. However, you must use mild sunscreen, like those formulated for babies.

3.       Avoid hot places. Stay in a cool place as much as possible, as heat can make the condition worse. So you should really stay in air-conditioned places especially on hot days. And don’t forget to spray your face with cool water. Drinking cool drinks also helps tone down the temperature.

4.       You should also avoid eating hot foods and drinking hot beverages. Allow the food and the drink to cool down first before you eat or drink them. Doing such can help lessen the effect of Rosacea on the skin.

5.       In line with step four, you should avoid eating spicy foods. Do not include chilies, curry, salsa, and other spicy foods in your diet. Too much spice can exacerbate the inflammation. However, you don’t really have to do away with spices. Just lower the spice level.

6.       You must also avoid hot tubs, steam baths, and saunas. Facial steams must also be avoided.

7.       Bath in warm shower. Take note the word “warm,” not “hot.” You can also shower in cool water, just as long as you can tolerate the coolness.

8.       You should watch out your diet. There are certain foods that can aggravate your condition. So in order to determine which food reacts with your condition, you should keep some sort of a food diary. Take note of the foods that you should eat, and those that you shouldn’t.

9.       You can sooth and heal your condition using aloe vera gel. However, there are some people who are quite allergic to it. So watch out for any signs of irritation.

10.    You can also use of primrose oil at least three times a day. The great thing about such oil is that it can help treat several skin conditions, including Rosacea.