Sri Devi Before and After Plastic Surgery

Sri Devi

Sri Devi is one of the first actress who started carving a stage for actresses and showing talented girls that “Talent waits for none” in the Hindi film industry that’s probably the reason she is said to be the first female superstar of Hindi cinema.Sri Devi came on screen at the age of 4 and it took her only 9 more years to grab an adult role at the age of 13.

The actress took Bollywood under her kitty after ruling south film industry to the core and era in bollywood was started with Himmatwala. She was lucky that producer Boney Kapoor (now husband) spotted her in one of her tollywood stint and was eager to cast her in his next. She is known for pulling off chirpy roles and carrying an amazing personality. However when she tried coming back on screen after a gap of 15 years with a light movie English Vinglish, her fans were astonished because of her demeanour that didn’t change even a bit. Such kind of maintenance looks unnatural and pitches you against speculations. Sri devi is one such star whose appearance has changed significantly and looks like she underwent surgeries.  Many people think that her plastic surgery were done by the surgeon who performed surgery on famous celebrities like Priyanka Chopra Plastic Surgery After Pictures

Possible Surgeries

When Sri devi made her much awaited come-back at the age of 50, she looked eligible enough to give competetion to 35 year olds. She looks younger than her age and online blogs and websites don’t take a second to give the credit to Possible surgeries she underwent.



1. Nose Job/ Rhinoplasty

This treatment is the most hyped in her case. Her nose acted as her basic identity and made her look very different than girls next door. Even at this age her nose looks well defined and acts as her identity. Nose of a women of her age is not this well defined rather it gets bulbous with time. Her nose looks well pointed and tampered from sides. This treatment although made the change apparent but a lot of her fans shrug at the results as they found her prettier earlier and fume over her choice of the surgeon. Surgeries in South Asia are gaining momentum but the results are not at par with Western Surgeons. Did you know Shri Devi’s Plastic Surgery Is one of the Top Celebrity Plastic Surgery Images

2. Botox

Apart from her nose surgeries, she is also speculate for taking botox injections.Botox injections are surely coming into the picture especially for Indian actress as it’s less risky and is capable of giving good results in terms of removing the lines of ageing.Making a come back after 15 long years that too as an actress makes Botox a necessity. Her face glows way more than what it used to be? Spotted changes on her face are more than what Mere makeup techniques can help with.



Sri Devi still looks confident while making public appearance be it a red carpet or in a swing suit with her 3 decades younger daughter. These kind of bold actions confirm plastic helps from the side of the actor.

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