Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery Revealed

Miley Cyrus Plastic Surgery

Destiny Hope Cyrus or well known as Miley Cyrus took birth on 23 November, 1992 to Jean “Tish” and Billy Ray Cyrus, her father was a celebrated star. She took the screen with her television series  Hannah Montana. Now she is a well known name in Music industry and keeps on flaunting her talent sometimes as a singer, sometimes as a composer. She even acted in several films and kept no boundaries to limit her versatility. After Hannah Montana she was given the title of Teen star whereas after the film Hannah Montana, she started on her way of attracting mature audience.


1. Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Nose job usually brings a difference in the size, shape and the bridge of your nose.Miley cyrus soon after her popular television stint set on fire to prove herself further. She went with an attitude that she would not let anyone come her way. She decided on  zero compromises and it all to expand her glamourous career. She had a nose job evidently. Even earlier her nose wasn’t that broad or bulbous but now it looks well chiselled and tampered especially from the sides. This shape has started suiting her in such a way that it seems that’s it’s was the original shape.  The bridge of her nose has definitely changed a lot over the years.A lot of experts suggest that singers usually opt for a rhinoplasty not only for looks but also to increase the flow of air. Similarly Miley even straighten the passage for better airflow.

2.  Breast Augmentation

This is a prominent surgery in her case. In order to shed that “Sweet girl” image,she obviously went under a boob job. Her aim to top the charts when it comes to Being Sexy made her take this decision. It’s not a bad or an extraordinary decision when you are into a challenging industry like that of Hollywood. Miley used to have small built and now she has quite pumped boobs, this is evidently enough to claim that she had some special breast augmentation to look this way. Her decision is appreciated by the Critics for being so appropriate. Her bust size complements her small frame as well it looks sexy. This sort of perfect surgery can’t be put under the veils by making lame excuses like that of “push-up” bras or this change is due to age. 


3. Gums Surgery (Dentistry)

Miley Cyrus’s gums now look different and ofcourse beyond natural. She is said to have a cosmetic dentistry too.When she started making waves on television she was known as a girl with gummy smile. Hee images showed a broad gum line. However now her smile looks subtle and reveals minimum of gums. Such a drastic change is not natural anyway neither age nor any makeup can do this. It’s a job of some dentistry expert.   In order to get best of the pictures, it’s advisable to get a procedure called gingivectomy that modifies the amount of gums that is visible when the person smiles. Her smile looks great now all credits to her expert surgeon.

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