Fighting Aging Signs with Eye Creams

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Bothered by the three signs of skin aging found on the area around your eyes? An eye cream may be right for you. You may be stuck with an old eye cream that does not do you any good. There are three anti-aging actions that you need to find on the brand you are using. Your eye cream must fight signs of aging such as crow’s feet, dark circles, eye puffiness and skin dryness.

Crow’s Feet

A wrinkle on any part of the face dreads the substance retinol and so does the one resembling a mark of crow’s feet on both outer sides of the eyes. This substance that is recommended to be applied at night loses its effectiveness when the active ingredients are exposed to sunlight. Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that is great for exfoliation.

Also, retinol-containing eye creams facilitate collagen production which serves as your skin’s framework. It allows the turnover of old skin giving way to the newer layer of cells to surface. However, you may find this substance too harsh to your delicate skin. Why not try eye creams containing peptides which also have great anti-aging effects against crow’s feet.

Dark Circles

Dark pigmentation around your eyes can make you look like a panda. You hate the sight of these changes on the areas around your eyes that may be due to stress. It makes you look a few years older than your age. Niacinamide is the substance you need to look for in your brand of eye cream. This substance allows the discoloration to fade over time. Also, it has the property to tone down the darkness of your skin. Amazing! Say goodbye to the circles that make you look like your favorite character from the animated movie Kung Fu Panda.

Eye Puffiness

You may note puffiness on your eyes and place over them tea bags soaked in cool water. Do you want to make things easier for you? Use an eye cream that has the skin-tightening substance, caffeine. They can deflate the puffy areas of the eyes really fast. They can come in a cooling applicator which you can apply around the yes.

Skin Dryness

Dryness can cause wrinkles. Dryness on the skin under your eyes may not be new to you. Your brand of eye cream must contain ingredients that trap moisture on your skin. This will help you prevent the premature wrinkling to your skin. You dread the sight of rough and fragile skin that is prone to developing fine lines. Fight off skin dryness by finding the best moisturizing eye cream in the market.

If you have problems with the areas around your eyes such as crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness and dryness, an eye cream may be right for you. Find the best brand of cream that is right for you. Check on the ingredients and the effects they can give you. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul, so pay more attention on fighting the aging signs that appear on the areas around your eyes.

What to Do with those Dark Circles around the Eyes

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If you wake up in the morning feeling invigorated but upon seeing yourself in the mirror you would say that you still lack sleep, then perhaps dark circles are surrounding your eyes. At first thought, many thinks that it can be helped by sleeping more but then the next day, after so many days already, you can say two things: you are sick and tired of it, or you would conclude that there is no remedy. You may be sick and tired but you can never say that there isn’t any remedy because in reality, there is.

To help treat those dark circles around the eyes, you may want to understand something about this problem first. You can start with blood circulation.

Oxidising of Hemoglobin

The factors that are involved in this process are the capillaries around the eyes, hemoglobin, and oxidation. First of all, capillaries are the tiny blood vessels in the body. There are many of them around the eye. Hemoglobin on the other hand is also known as the red blood cell. They are the ones responsible in carrying oxygen around the body system. Of course, it is called red blood cells because of the its color: red. This color however is brought about the combination of the heme group and oxygen. When this combination becomes oxidized or in other words detached, the red color turns into blue. This is why what surrounds the eye turns dark, hence the term dark circles.

To understand it better, red blood cells are supposed to be red and are supposed to pass in the tiny capillaries. When these red blood cells, or hemoglobin, leaks out from these capillaries they will be oxidized. Again, oxidation of hemoglobin involves the breakdown of the red blood cells, turning the red into blue then dark circles will appear in the surface.

Methods in Treatment

If you understood the main cause of the problem, you will have an idea that it will involve blood circulation, especially around the eyes. This would mean that practices which can enhance blood flow will be the remedy. However, sometimes, these practices will not be enough because it will take a long while to correct what has been wronged. It will need supplement to hasten the process. This is where eye creams will come in the picture.

One thing to consider when buying creams for the face is the fact that the skin around the eyes is known to be the thinnest around the body. When it is thin, it is naturally sensitive. This is why there are really creams specifically developed for applications around the eyes. There may be some creams that are for the general area of the face but it is a better choose to pick the one intended for dark circles. When applying cream, do not expect instant changes. You must be consistent and patient with it and it will pay in the long run.

As you can see, there is a remedy for dark circles. Just have faith coupled with works and a good eye cream and you will be on the right track.