Good Friday Messages


 Although Christmas might be the most celebrated festival among Christians all throughout the world, Easter holds its own significance. Good Friday, as misconstrued by people, is not a day marked by a good event, but by a series of events which are the crucifixion Of Christ on Friday and his resurrection on Sunday. Hence this holy week is signified by penance .So we bring a few heart-touching messages for your near and dear ones on this Good Friday. Wishes and Quotes For Sister and friends.

good friday quotes


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  1. On this day, May the good Lord surround all of us and bring peace and fraternity among nations, compassion for the needy and love among all of us. May he shower his blessings upon each one of us and his sacrifice lifts our spirits. Good Friday!
  2. On this auspicious day, may the Lord Almighty grant you love, brotherhood, mercy and a generous heart. This is a day to rejoice in his love. We wish you love, prosperity and peace on this Good Friday and forever!
  3. May the grace and glory of the Lord fulfil all your dreams and help you to fight the tough times and cherish the good ones. I pray that Jesus, the epitome of sacrifice, who got crucified for our transgressions, shower his blessings upon us on this Holy day and always. Good Friday blessings to you and your family.
  4. My dearest best friend, on this day, I wish you all the happiness and triumphs in all the endeavors in life, like Jesus triumphed this world even after crucified on a wooden cross. Exalt the Lord! Good Friday greetings to you all !
  5. Dear Mom and Dad, I am not there with you this Good Friday week, but I pray Mother Mary and Jesus to bless you and protect you on this day and forever. I miss the cross buns made by Mom and I’ll visit soon to have them. Peace and lots of love this Friday!
  6. When the Good God is with you, you don’t need to be afraid of anything in this world. On this Holy Day, I pray that he becomes your strength, and showers forgiveness and his affection on you all. Good Friday Wishes to everyone!
  7. On this Good Friday and forthcoming Easter, we thank you God for all the precious gifts and memories you have given us. We remember you in all our prayers, and seek forgiveness for all our sins. On this day, we pray that the warmth of your love spreads all over the world .Blessings to all.
  8. My adorable wife, May Jesus bless you with his love, care and concern and keep you under his protection all throughout the day and for years     to come. I wish he blesses us with togetherness and strengthens our bond with time. Wishes to you on this Good Friday. Love you.
  9. May this Good Friday we remember the true meaning of Easter for which Jesus was crucified and nailed on the cross. As the saying goes that sin is the cause but Christ is the cure, meaning that the blessings of Jesus suffice the sins of humans. I pray that your belief in him is repaid by an eternal life and joy. Hearty wishes and love!
  • My loveliest little sister, May his Highness, the Good Lord embrace you with all the love and protection. When you face problems in life, may he grant you emotional and mental strength. May the divine light show you the purpose and ways of life. Hugs and kisses to you on this Good Friday!


Good Morning Quotes


A bright morning, chirping birds and a new and happy morning lets you to discover yourself and your surroundings and a good morning message will let emanate that wide smile on your face and will make you and your soul happy. So while you wish the people around you and your relatives a good and a happy morning you make them feel joyous and happy so wish people a happy morning with beautiful quotes and messages. Here we present you a small list of few messages and quotes which you can choose from to wish your near and dear ones. Here are some Funny Quotes And Wishes. I am Sure You Will Love Them.

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  1. This morning god has given us another life and a new beginning. Celebrate each day with vigor and happiness to invite life to your soul to let the positivity cover your life and bless you with the rising sunshine. Happy mornings.
  2. A new morning starts a new day and a new day is a start to a new beginning. Bless your soul with the new morning energy and life and become a part of the happiness around.
  3. Good morning people! With each rising ray of sun comes a new day full of plans, surprises and hopes. Welcome each day with happiness and love to bless yourself with the gifts of Mother Nature.
  4. Today is about to end and tomorrow is never ending. A new day marks a new beginning full of hopes and dreams and today is just another day full of happiness and energy. So let your inner soul shine and enjoy the new day.
  5. Happy mornings! It is not just the commencement of a new day rather is a new day to celebrate a new you. As the day starts one gets to rediscover oneself and the life so kick start your day with a new sunshine.
  6. Yesterday is lost like falling leaf, today is getting over with the ticking clock and tomorrow is filled with love and lust which welcomes a lot more than what you expect. So look forward to the coming day and the falling rays of hopes.
  7. Today is going to be amazing so wake up with a wide smile and wonderful thoughts. Wishing you a day full of kind people, good thoughts and happiness.
  8. Never look back at what you could not do, always look forward to the arriving morning and the wonderful day ahead. Every moment wake up to be a new you and begin to join the broken pieces of yesterday. Good Morning.
  9. People come and go but you never change. With every rising day comes a new morning and a new sunshine, so let yourself free in this world full of brightness, happiness and vigor. Good morning.
  10. With each day passing by light illuminates and emanate in the sky, it surpasses the negative vibes and lets yourself free in the world full of negativity. So let yourself be a part of the rising sunshine and chirping birds. Good morning.

Birthday Quotes


Your birthday comes every year like every season does and because it’s a once in a while celebration it is to be celebrated like an occasion. So while you plan to celebrate the birthday of your near and dear ones the most important thing is to wish them with beautiful messages for a healthy and a long upcoming life. So here we have a small list of few birthday wishes that can let the flow of emotions and happiness be there. here are some really Creative Birthday wishes, I hope you guys like them.

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  1. Age is just a measurement of life and so are birthdays so never let your true self be different from what you actually are and never count on birthdays as a matter of age rather celebrate each day and each birthday with love, happiness and vigor and forget the negativity around. Happy birthday!
  2. Celebrate the beautiful occasion of your birthday with wine and chocolates because the future is not defined and you may fall into the catastrophe any time. So let each birthday of yours turn out to be an occasion of celebration and happiness and not just numbers.
  3. With age comes maturity and with birthdays come fun so, turn on the funny side up and celebrate your childhood in full force. Happy birthday.
  4. A birthday is a celebration and a new gathering of friends. While you count on your falling teeth, fading smile and lousy skin you become more mature and flexible with life vows. So cheers to another year full of joy and happiness.
  5. May this special day, your birthday turn out to be the brightest day of all and may the flowers shower upon you like falling rain and may happiness surround you like clouds in the sky. Wishing you many more such wonderful birthdays.
  6. You are an year older today, but age is just another count that is a probable disability in itself. But, count on your memories and the moments you have spent and make this birthday as memorable as your birth. Happy birthday.
  7. With the rising sun a new you is born and with the passing dates a new being is formed. So here’s another birthday and another being and another you. Celebrate the energy of your wrinkles and falling tooth with the rising happiness.
  8. It’s your birthday and theirs is no better occasion to celebrate your age than today. Just a few words of wisdom can never end the talk but just like an end to a birthday party can never halt your age. Happy ageing and wishing many more such birthdays.
  9. So it’s time to get a year old and fill in your mouth with that lusty cake and drinks. Wishing you many more such hustled birthdays and a wonderful life ahead.
  10. A birthday is just a reminder of your growing age just like a calendar of a falling year. But none has got to do with a stop at life and fortune. So celebrate this and every upcoming birthday as if it is your last.

Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Sister


Your sister is the best entity you have. She is always there in your good and bad and is like your friend with whom you can share your thoughts and secrets. So when it is your sister’s birthday you ought to gift her best for what she has always been and for her selfless care and love. You are to bless her with beautiful wishes and quotes. So here we present you a list of wishes for your sister’s birthday.

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  1. Happy birthday sissy! You are not only my elder sister but my second mother who has always been by my side and has always supported me in my tough times. You are my sole inspiration and motivation and on your birthday I wish you a beautiful life ahead.
  2. To my brand addict sister, happy birthday. I wish was there for your birthday but your gift is ready. Get ready to rock the floor and enjoy. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to the newborn.
  3. Happy birthday! I am wishing you doesn’t mean that I am apologizing after the quarrel, it is just to wish the big sister a very happy and a bomb blasting birthday. May all your wishes and dreams come out to be true. Enjoy!
  4. Hey it’s your birthday and finally you have crossed the teen. Happiest birthday love. I don’t have anything to say but just a hug you for what you have been till now. I love you and wishing you many more birthdays.
  5. So elder sister happy birthday. I hope to see you soon and wish you a wonderful and a healthy life ahead.
  6. Finally my baby has become a teenage, happy birthday girly. I always wished to see you grow and you are growing beautifully my princess. I am thankful to god that I I have been blessed with such a cute and lovely sister.
  7. Happy birthday giant! I am sorry for criticizing you at times but the fact is that you are the most wonderful and beautiful sister on earth. I love you for being what you are and I love you the way you are. Keep blooming like this.
  8. So girl, it’s your birthday and there’s no person in this world that can replace our love and the eternal bond we share. Wishing you cake sponges and cream on your face and heavy birthday bumps sweet heart. Enjoy!
  9. To the most disgusting and irritating human surviving on earth, happy birthday. You are a dustbin full of junk ideas and habits but still with god’s grace I have been blessed with a girl who is full of surprises, vigor, love and smell. I love you and wishing you a refreshing and a day full of fragrance.
  10. Hey love happy birthday. Even after so many years of your marriage you continue to be my sister like always and you manage to be my darling as always. Happiest birthday lovely and wishing you many more birthdays ahead.


Friendships Day Greetings and Messages

Friendships Day Greetings and Messages

Friendship is the most eternal bond two human beings share. It is not just between two classmates or two co workers, but can even be with your parents or your siblings. A friend is the one who is another you and is always there for you and your good or bad deeds. So while the world celebrates friendships day, you ought to express love to your best friend and the person whom you trust the most and who is no better than anyone else in this whole world. So turn on your thinking caps and wish the best you can to your best friend. Here we have a small list of messages which you can choose from. Wishes and Quotes For Friends

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  1. Happy friendships day stupo! You are my buddy, my life and everything to me who has been a part and participle of my ups and downs. No matter what you have always been like my brother and has even supported me in my bad. I wish to god that this relationship continues to be eternal forever.


  1. To the love of my life and the only person who knows me better than my mom does, my best buddy and friend, happy friendships day. No words of wisdom or no big messages but, just a hug is enough to evidence my friendship. We have been together for years and there’s not even a single day that we have surpassed without each other. I thank god for gifting me this beautiful relationship.


  1. Wishing all my gang a happy friendships day. There’s absolutely no you and no me while we are together and that is what is friendship is all about. I pray to god that the journey we have traced till now continues to be so till we die. Wishing all my besties a very warm and kind friendships day. May each passing day make our friendship much stronger and better.


  1. Happy friendships day bestie! I know you have big plans and dreams which are not idealistic but that is what we share, we share each other like no two people can, we share our thoughts and our beliefs and that is what makes us we than simply you and me. I know it’s a bit rhyming but then we can do anything for each other even turn out to be poets and masters. Wishing the bond we share many more wonderful years of pranks, love and happiness.



  1. Hey friend, happy friendships day. May our friendship continue to be the way it is and we continue to be the pranksters and the tackle masters until we are caught. I truly respect the bond we share and also the stinky clothes and the chocolates, but no matter what we will continue to be so till we are best friends and that is going to be till the date we fall for ourselves. So here’s wishing you and me another year of friendship, love and kind support. I look forward to spending our friendship in the serene skies. You are my sugar cookie